Enrolling in ECN 310

Table of Contents


The only prerequisite is successful completion of ECN 101 or equivalent.

By permission only

The course requires permission of the instructor. To apply for a permission number, complete this survey: https://tinyurl.com/2z3vuptz

  • If there is still room and you qualify, you’ll be notified and able to register within one business day.
  • Permission to register will be entered into MySlice directly by our staff; once this is complete, you will be able to register on MySlice with nothing further needed.

Priority for enrollment

This course aims to

  • engage early-career students in carefully curated research experiences;
  • connect those who wish for further research opportunities to appropriate mentoring;
  • allow students to take advantage of the full range of research opportunities offered by the Economics Department

Priority is, therefore, given to students who will be in their first or second year during Fall 2023.