ECN 606: Microeconomic Analysis

Table of Contents

What you will learn

This course covers the theory of the consumer and the implications of constrained maximization; uses of indirect utility and expenditure functions; theory of the producer, profit maximization, and cost minimization; behavior under uncertainty; and intertemporal choice.

Meet your instructor

Kristy Buzard


Who should take ECN 606?

ECN 606 is one of the two classes taught in the fall of the first year for the Economics Ph.D. microeconomic core (the other is ECN 611). It is meant primarily for Economics Ph.D. students, but others who intend to pursue Ph.D.-level coursework in economics or related research may benefit from taking the course if their background in math and economics are strong enough to be successful.

Students who are not enrolled in the Economics Ph.D. program must have Professor Buzard’s consent to enroll. Contact Professor Buzard as if you would like to explore the possibility before taking ECN 605.

Is ECN 605 the only pre-requisite for ECN 606?

No. Passing ECN 605 is not sufficient to be given permission to enroll in ECN 606. You must speak with Professor Buzard to discuss your experience in math and economics.